Velvaglo is a nondrip polyurathane enamel. It is designed for both interior and exterior usages. It provides a smooth satin sheen finish. Its nondrip formula provides good coverage against stains, chipping and steam.

Super Acrylic Polvin

Super Acrylic Polvin is a water-based paint. It is used for both interior and exterior purpose, and dries to a smooth matt finish.

Wall 'n All

Wall and all is water-based paint, containing Teflon and offering a good washable and durable finish. It is designed for exterior use. It comes in a suede finish.


Nuroof is a water-based roof paint. It provides for UV, water and acid rain resistance. It offers a durable, flexible and long lasting colour with excellent weathering properties.


Micatex is an exterior, textured, water-based paint. It contains mica for strenght and marble for stretch. Used in areas to fill hairline cracks and minor defects.

Double Velvet

The premium wall coating for superior washability and stain resistance that is virtually odour free.

Super Universal Enamel

Super Universal Enamel is a glossy enamel. It is used for both interior and exterior applications. It dries to smooth finish that is easy to clean.

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